Method to list koodous's analysts

Resource url/s


Object details

  • username Analyst's Username
  • first_name Analyst's first name
  • last_name Analyst's last name
  • date_joined Account creation date
  • last_login Last login date
  • total_public_rulesets Number of public analyst's rulesets
  • total_followers Number of followers
  • total_following Total of analyst that the user is following
  • total_comments Total comments written by analyst
  • avatar_url Analyst image_
  • occupation Occupation
  • bio Bio
  • twitter_user Username in twitter

Resource information

Response formats JSON
Requires authentication Yes
Requests per minute 500


  • :username Username lookup (Required for analyst detail request)
  • ?page Specify page of current results
  • ?page_size A value of users votes



Example request

Example result

    "count": 1,
    "next": null,
    "previous": null,
    "results": [
            "username": "user1",
            "first_name": "Robert",
            "last_name": "Smith",
            "date_joined": 1414423670,
            "last_login": 1429694015,
            "total_public_rulesets": 1,
            "total_followers": 3,
            "total_following": 6,
            "total_comments": 27,
            "avatar_url": "/media/avatars/116585.jpg",
            "occupation": "Malware analyst",
            "bio": "Malware analyst",
            "twitter_user": "",

Update analyst info

An analyst can edit his profile information with the next example request:

Remote Address:
Request URL:
Request Method: PATCH
Status Code: 200 OK

Payload and response should looks like following:

    "first_name": "Andrew",
    "last_name": "Smith2"

Analyst extra methods

Analyst related info can be accesed from /analysts/:username.

  • GET /analysts/:username/followers Analysts list following requested username
  • GET /analysts/:username/following Analysts list followed by requested username
  • GET /analysts/:username/comments Comments written by requested username
  • GET /analysts/:username/activity Requested username activity
  • GET /analysts/:username/rulesets Public rulesets of requested username
  • GET /analysts/:username/follow Start following analyst
  • GET /analysts/:username/unfollow Stop following analyst