APKs comments

Method to list apk comments with pagination

Resource url/s

  • https://api.koodous.com/apks/:sha256/comments

Object details

  • id Comment ID
  • author Analyst object (analysts)
  • apk APK sha256 hash
  • created_on The date when comment was created on koodous
  • modified_on The date when comment was modified
  • text The comment's content

Resource information

Response formats JSON
Requires authentication Yes
Requests per minute 60


  • :sha256 sha256 lookup (Required)
  • ?cursor Specify cursor of current results
  • ?page_size A value of users votes


  • https://api.koodous.com/apks/cc489e3296408abbfbd5e2aad0665abd60bae3442d10bcc702a7e8424e547544/comments
  • https://api.koodous.com/apks/cc489e3296408abbfbd5e2aad0665abd60bae3442d10bcc702a7e8424e547544/comments?cursor=cD0yMDE1LTA3LTA4KzE0JTNBMTAlM0E1MyUyQjAwJTNBMDA%3D

Example request


Example result

    "next": "https://api.koodous.com/apks?cursor=cD0yMDE1LTA3LTA4KzE0JTNBMTAlM0E1MyUyQjAwJTNBMDA%3D",
    "previous": null,
    "results": [
            "id": 114,
            "author": {
                "username": "user1",
                "first_name": "Robert",
                "last_name": "Smith",
                "date_joined": 1414423670,
                "last_login": 1429694015,
                "total_public_rulesets": 1,
                "total_followers": 3,
                "total_following": 6,
                "total_comments": 27,
                "avatar_url": "/media/avatars/116585.jpg",
                "occupation": "Malware analyst",
                "bio": "Malware analyst",
                "twitter_user": "",
                "can_invite": true
            "apk": "cc489e3296408abbfbd5e2aad0665abd60bae3442d10bcc702a7e8424e547544",
            "created_on": 1429698724,
            "modified_on": 1429698724,
            "text": "test"

Comment creation

Comment creation can be done with the next request:

Remote Address: koodous.com
Request URL: https://api.koodous.com/apks/:sha256/comments
Request Method: POST
Status Code: 201 CREATED

Payload should looks like following:

{"text": "test2"}

Comment deletion

A comment can be delete if the authenticated user is the owner. The request should looks like following:

Remote Address: koodous.com
Request URL: https://api.koodous.com/apks/:sha256/comments/:id
Request Method: DELETE
Status Code: 204 NO CONTENT