Getting started

The Koodous public REST API gives you the chance to create your own Koodous client for different platforms.

Creating an account

You can use our API without authentication token. However, there are some requests that require an user token to be done, such as voting, comment and APK-related.

In order to get your API token just create your account on koodous and check your user settings page to get your access token.


To use the requests that require authentication you need to specify your user token using the Authorization header. A request with token c080ddd1fab46bc919ca0d62299e9995b1886853 should look like the following:

GET /apks
Authorization: Token c080ddd1fab46bc919ca0d62299e9995b1886853


Response format is JSON. The example response of the previous request will look like this:

    "count": 12312,
    "next": "",
    "previous": null,
    "results": [
            "created_on": 1429390443,
            "rating": 0,
            "image": "",
            "tags": [],
            "md5": "ee644f55b915c9fb3362be28647eb976",
            "sha1": "dee89c3cb639ca791ea3e7e2da3d7b8ac7972e13",
            "sha256": "4891047860f004894de77b4c8018e3f69bb50a210159b77119e90dcd87860e98",
            "app": "PornNow",
            "package_name": "com.digitaran.pornnow",
            "company": "Digitaran",
            "displayed_version": "1.0",
            "size": 1040818,
            "stored": true,
            "analyzed": true,
            "is_apk": true,
            "trusted": false,
            "detected": false,
            "corrupted": false,
            "repo": "",
            "on_devices": false

Python example

Here you have an example using Python and requests library:

import requests

url = ""
headers = {"Authorization":"Token c080ddd1fab46fc919ca0d62299e9995b1886853"}
r = requests.get(url=url, headers=headers)


#JSON response

Python API Class

There is a python example class with almost all Koodous API methods, check it out: