Koodous is a collaborative platform focused on the detection of fraudulent patterns in Android applications.

Holy cow, it's full of apps

We provide you literally millions of apks to download and analyze. The repository is constantly being updated with new packages from several sources, both official and unofficial. And here comes the best part: it's totally for free.

Analyze using your rules

We love Yara rules, and we thought you could find them useful too. You can write your own rulesets and launch them against any APK of your choice, or just sit back, relax and wait. Our analysis system will apply you rules to every fresh uploaded APK and alert you when a match shows up.

Get social

Once analyzed, the voting and comment systems in every package details screen let you share your findings about any APK with the rest of the community.

Also, we introduce the social Yara rulesets. What if I like the rules that other analyst did? Don't worry, you won't have to do all that copy n' paste. Just follow him and automagically you will be warned when an APK gives a positive for his rules. Awesome, isn't it?

Koodous' finest

If the community find your rulesets useful you will accumulate followers and eventually get a high position in our ranking. If you receive such honor, you will be part of the chosen ones that stablish the reputation of the APKs for the mobile application. This means that your Yara rules will help people to be safe, as they will be warned if an app installed on their phones or tablets matches them.

Or go solo

In case you prefer not to be affected by social rulesets in your mobile device, you can link your phone or tablet with your account using our QR Code method. And voilá! APKs in your device will only be analysed using your own rulesets.